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Tim Mulcahy

Configurations Out of Chaos

As a youth I had two great interests - science and art.  

After a rewarding career as a scientist and university professor - during which artistic expression yielded to the pressures of career, family and economics - I am enjoying a renaissance in my passion for original artistic expression.

Photography is my medium.

According to Ansel Adams artists "create configurations out of chaos." They "make a formal statement where there was none to begin with. All art is a combination of an external event and internal event."

What I aspire to create as an artist are photographs that - through the internal lenses of personal experience, interests and vision - translate common external realities into uncommon "formal statements" composed in a dialect of lines, shapes, light, shadow and textures.

I will know I have succeeded as a translator when my photographic "configurations" communicate well enough that through them viewers will come to know a little more about me.
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Contact: timmulcahyphotography@gmail.com
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